starts at $26/dozen

Minis are a great way to beef up your dessert table, or your current cookie order if you are unsure of the final guest count.  Minis can also be purchased just as minis by the dozen! The overall size is one - two inches

When considering minis, consider that the size will greatly limit the amount of detail/personalization if the set is, as a whole, mini sized. Keep in mind that minis with a lot of detail will be a pretty similar price to standard cookies. 


starts at $48/dozen

These are by far the most popular sized cookie we make!  They are three - four inches on average and have room for most necessary details!

Custom flavors are available for a fee of $5/ flavor.


starts at $6/cookie

Large cookies make fantastic cookie gifts, cake toppers, centerpiece additions, place cards, etc. They average five - six inches in size.

They are also available by the dozen!

Custom flavors are available for a fee of $5/ flavor

Image by Constantin Panagopoulos


Detail can range from minimal - extreme, the price will reflect that. 

when you see "starts at" that means for the most basic designs and minimal detail this is my base price, and that can and almost always will go up based on different factors, like flavors, colors, intricacy, etc.

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We will finish discussing all the smaller details, like personalization, images, text, and pickup/delivery info. 

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We will briefly discuss what your cookies will entail and you may share inspiration photos, invitations, decor, etc. 

*I do not recreate others original work, so if you send inspo in the form of another bakers work, I will not be recreating it. 

Refunds &

Odd Cookies offers refunds if a mistake is made that cannot be fixed. Under no other circumstances will a refund be issued.  

Cancellations will not be refunded unless the space can be rebooked. 

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I will send you a total quote based on the design, detail, quantity, and flavors that we have discussed.

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Upon agreement of the quoted price, payment is needed to finalize your order. 

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