Custom Cookies

If our form is open, you may fill it out below. 

This form does not send an autoreply message, please wait for my response and do not send multiple forms. 

step 1

Over the course of 1-3 emails we exchange basic plans for your cookies and I share my quoted price. 

step 2

Payment of the quoted price is then processed. 

If you have not completed payment in full, you do not have an order with us unless you have directly arranged alt. payment with Lissa. 

step 3

After payment has been received we go on to discuss all of the details your set will entail. 

step 4


Our Price point for custom cookies begins at $5 per cookie or $60 per dozen, this is for our standard level of detail and is for a standard sized cookie. As detail/color quantity/flavors increase the price will as well, prices can range as high $12 per cookie for the average set depending on the work involved. 

Mini sized cookies 1-2 inches may be added on to any order of 2 dozen or more. 

Large cookies/cake toppers 5+ inches sold in singles by request

How to order

Our order form is open from the First until the seventh of each month to book the following month.  You may place your request during that time and we'll respond within 7 days of your request.